Liberate Your Skin – Body Sugaring

Body sugaring is a gentler, safer, and more progressive method of hair removal for all skin types and hair types. Alexandria Professional sugar paste blends vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free ingredients. The simple formula of sugar, water, lemon juice and acacia gum is safe for all skin types. The application of sugar paste will also remove dead skin cells as a gentle method of exfoliation.


Upper Lip – $69 – From corner to corner of the mouth, along the upper lip. Bundled: $23

Chin – $79 – The entire chin area ends at the corners of the mouth, excluding the neck and jawline. Bundled: $33

Upper Lip & Chin – $89 – From corner to corner of the mouth, along the upper lip, and below the lower lip extending to the corners of the mouth, not including the jawline or neck area. Bundled: $43

Full Face – $153 – Includes forehead, cheeks, upper lip, chin, jawline, neck and nostrils. Includes a soothing Hungarian Mud mask. Consultation required. Bundled $107

Nostrils – $68 – Removal of hairs extending from the nostrils. Bundled: $23


Underarms – $80 – The area under the arms (aka the armpit). Bundled: $34

Full Arms – $110 – From wrist to shoulder. Bundled: $64

Hands & Fingers – $68 – Tops of hands and between the knuckles. Bundled: $22

Nape of the Neck – $89 – The back of the neck and hairline from ear to ear. Bundled $43

Chest – $111 – From the top of breasts to collarbones. The abdomen is optional at an additional cost. Includes a soothing and detoxifying mud mask. Bundled: $65

Back – $162 – Ā From shoulders to waistband. Includes a soothing and detoxifying mud mask. Bundled: $117


Navel – $68 – Abdomen area, 5 cm around the belly button. Bundled: $22

Classic Bikini – $82 – From crease of thigh outwards to roughly the width of a hand. Bundled: $36

Extended Bikini – $103 – Classic bikini extending roughly 4cm into the underwear line and top ofĀ theĀ bikini. Bundled: $57

L.A. BikiniĀ®ļø – $113 – Brazilian style bikini; everything from the front to back. Bundled: $67

Buttocks – $91 – Full buttock cheeks, excluding inner buttocks. Bundled: $45

Inner Buttocks – $81 – Ā Inside the buttocks, not including cheek area. Bundled: $35

Text Overlay reads: Dare to be Bare witht he L.A. Bikini treatment by Alexandria Professional. Image depicts which areas hair is removed with each bikini treatment | L.A. Bikini Brazilian Sugaring |  Canberra, ACT

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