Welcome to Slow Beauty Eco Salon, an Organic Beauty Salon in O’Connor

Every single ingredient you put on your skin is information, every ingredient contains messages that communicate to every single cell in your skin.

Slow Beauty Eco Salon is a beauty salon which operates by appointment in the leafy suburb of O’Connor. Slow Beauty uses organic products where available, chosen to give premium results to all skin types. Slow Beauty takes a holistic approach to skincare and health and is passionate about creating a space of peace and serenity for guests.

Sustainable, Organic and Ecological Beauty

By choosing Slow Beauty Eco Salon you join the fight against climate change.

From the energy used to perform your treatments to the laundry powder used to wash the linens, every aspect of Slow Beauty reflects a value of sustainability and ecological harmony.

Natural Beauty Salon

As a passionate beauty professional, I am committed to helping you enjoy the luxuries of the modern beauty industry without harming animals, the environment or your health.

I choose to work with:


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