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  • Certificate of Attainment: Alexandria Professional Advanced Technique Body Sugaring Practitioner
  • A gloved hand removing a ball of sugar paste from a sugar pot
  • Professional Sugaring Practitioner, preparing the client's skin for service with the Vertal 6 Drying Powder
  • Certified Sugaring Practitioner, Natalie, moulds the sugar on to the client's lower right leg with gloved hands
  • Certified Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring Practitioner, Natalie, removing the sugar paste from a client's lower right leg
  • Holistic aesthetician, Natalie, applies a masque to a client during a facial
  • Holistic esthetician, Natalie McBurney uses Hungarian age-defying massage techniques during a facial
  • Massage therapist pouring organic massage oil in to her hand
  • Beauty Therapist Natalie, performing back massage on her client
  • Holistic Aesthetician, Natalie, gives her client a Swedish Massage