Skin-corrective Facials in Canberra

Slow Beauty’s Skin-corrective Facials are designed to capitalise on the latest advancements in skin care to achieve maximum results. All facials incorporate massage to create a healing and relaxing experience. These treatments are highly individualised and, depending on your skin type, some components may vary.

Skin-corrective Facials

Based on over a decade of experience working with skin and helping women look and feel beautiful, I have learned that:
  • You do not want to make a tonne of decisions when you lay on the spa table.
  • You need a facial that works for your specific concerns.
  • You want results.
This simplified facial menu makes it easy for you – there are a few facials for you to choose from. You pick a facial and the amount of time, and we partner to create a customised protocol designed to improve the integrity of your skin.

Facial I: Signature Customised Facial

60 minutes – $195 Premium 75 minutes – $245 Radiance 90 minutes – $270 (includes Hydrabrasion or LED) The Signature Customised Facial consists of a combination of modalities and professional-grade products designed to enhance your skin’s health and hydration, leaving you with a radiant glow. The Slow Beauty Signature Customised Facial evens skin tone and provides firming hydration, and lymphatic facial contouring massage gives the skin a tightened, youthful, and lifted appearance. Modalities Include Hydrabrasion, LED Light Therapy, Ultrasonic, High-Frequency Electrotherapy, Corrective Peels, Age-Defying Enzymes, and Ultra-Lift Facial Massage. Learn more.

Facial II: Hydrabrasion

Hydrabrasion is a dynamic process combining cleansing, exfoliating, washing and diamonds to give your skin the star treatment it deserves. Not to be confused with traditional microdermabrasion, this process is much gentler on the skin and much less irritating, particularly for those with sensitive skin. New technology advances allow us to treat a range of skin concerns from blocked pores and acne to fine lines, wrinkles and even dull, lifeless skin. This rejuvenating treatment is perfectly suited to anyone wanting a quick skin refresh Hydrabrasion includes: ● Cleansing ● Exfoliation ● Extraction ● Treatment Serum ● Hydration ● SPF


45 minutes – $160 Ideal if you have a special event in the evening and you want to ensure that your skin looks perfect.

Open Pores

60 minutes – $190 The accumulation of dead skin cells, pollution and oils cause dullness and blocked pores (congestion). Congestion (blackheads and whiteheads) left to build up in the pores can lead to acne. Removal of the contents of the pores regularly leads to open pores and a clearer complexion.

Facial III: Teen Facial

Teen 45-60 minutes – $195 Pore cleansing is the purpose of this facial, which is best for those with acne, breakouts, and blackheads needing extraction. Ultrasonic extraction, Hydrabrasion, High-Frequency Electrotherapy, LED Light Therapy and Corrective Peels are often included in this facial. The Clear Skin Facial includes cleansing, enzymes, extractions, a soothing mask, treatment serum, hydration and SPF. The Clear Skin Facial is designed so that you leave the appointment looking radiant and not swollen and red.


Dear Valued Client,

To ensure the health and well-being of my valued clients, myself,  and the wider community, I remain committed to providing safe and accessible beauty therapy while preventing the spread of COVID-19 within the Canberra community.

COVID-19 precautions are still in place and I kindly ask that you adhere to all additional health measures whilst in the studio. If you develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, please call to postpone your appointment, and self-isolate until you recover.

I thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to your visit.

Kind regards,

Natalie McBurney