Full Circle of Skin Conditioning: Daily Care

The Full Circle of Skin Conditioning is a home-care program designed to optimise the condition of your skin between your body sugaring salon treatments. The goal of this program is to give you the healthiest skin possible while eliminating and preventing ingrown hair problems and dry skin.

The Alexandria Professional Full Circle of Skin Conditioning skin Treatment Program
The Alexandria Professional Full Circle of Skin Conditioning Skin Treatment Program

Body Sugaring

After you’ve found a salon offering body sugaring services, you’ll want to make sure they are offering a thorough service with quality products, have excellent standards for hygiene and are highly trained and certified. I choose to work with Alexandria Professional and am a certified Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring Practitioner. I advocate the use of the Full Circle Skin Conditioning Skin Treatment program, which is offered exclusively through Slow Beauty Eco Salon. Using the most advanced formulation and all-natural ingredients, the Alexandria Professional sugar hair removal paste delivers exceptional results that will improve the skin’s integrity while diminishing regrowth.

Start by loving your skin

I Love My Skin Travel Kit
Three steps to loving your skin

If you’ve spent any time with me at all, you’ll know that the basics of any skincare regime are cleanse/ tone/ moisturise. The I Love My Skin Kit works in harmony to promote clean, healthy and balanced skin for the face and body. The I Love My Skin Kit is a travel-sized starter to get you in the habit of caring for your skin like you have never done before! It contains three products, which I’ll tell you more about below:

Presept Skin Cleanser

Presept Skin Cleanser
This gentle, non-abrasive cleanser is great to remove any oils, dirt and bacteria from the skin.

Cleansing with Presept is the first step in sugaring – it removes all dirt, make-up and lotions/oils so that the sugar paste can adhere to the skin and grip the hair. Presept Skin Cleanser is concentrated and is ideal for removing make-up, underarm deodorant and even suntan oils. As a daily skin cleanser, a little goes a long way–pump Presept on to a dampened face cloth to gently wash all body parts. It is even gentle enough for babies!

Presept is a gentle skin cleanser and is an effective yet gentle makeup remover. It will not strip the skin of natural protective oils or emollients, nor disturb the skin’s natural pH balance. It is fragrance-free making it suitable for sensitive skins, children and infants.

Presept Skin Cleanser™ leaves the skin feeling hydrated without feeling tight or dry after washing. It is available in a Travel pack so you can easily take care for your skin when you’re away from home.

Formulated with love and no nasties, it contains: Aqua/Water, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol (and) Capryl Glycol, Citric Acid, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai) Fruit Oil, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA

Essential Tonic

Essential Tonic
Essential Tonic’s anti-inflammatory properties make it great for sunburns and acne.

Essential Tonic is used for pre- & post-epilation. It has natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties. Its fine mist-spray delivers a whopping explosion of myrrh. Essential Tonic’s anti-inflammatory properties make it great for sunburns and acne and its antifungal properties help to sooth athletes’ foot. Use it on eczema, psoriasis, nappy rash, cuts and even on shaving rash to calm and soothe red, irritated skin.

It has a soothing and calming effect on the skin while helping to reduce redness (if any) after treatments.

Essential Tonic opens the cuticle of the hair shaft, allowing the sugar paste to grip the hair.⠀⠀⠀



Lactic Acid: a multi-purpose ingredient used as a preservative, exfoliant, moisturiser, and to provide acidity to a formulation

Polysorbate 20: a solubiliser, emulsifier, viscosity modifier, and stabiliser of essential oils in water

Commiphora Myrrha: attributed with disinfectant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, cicatrizant, tonic, stimulant, sedative, and astringent properties. Myrrh can be valuable in products designed for acne treatment.

Restore Hydrating Lotion

Restore Hydrating Lotion
This non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic lotion is suitable for eczema, psoriasis and is very soothing on sunburns.

Restore Hydrating Lotion is a high-quality lotion that has been formulated to hydrate the skin and maximise the benefits of sugaring.

It is ideal for moisturising dry and flaky sensitive skins as it penetrates deep into the skin to restore flexibility and regenerate skin cells. It will leave your skin soft and supple. It is an all over body hydrating lotion that softens and moisturises your skin without irritation or a greasy after-feel.

Restore is safe to use from head to toe and is:
Formaldehyde Free


Glycerin: a humectant used in moisturisers, it is water-binding and able to draw and absorb moisture from the air, thus helping the skin retain moisture.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: an emollient with good spreading properties. It promotes penetration and does not leave visible traces of oiliness on the skin.

Cetearyl Alcohol: an emulsifying and stabilising was produced from the reduction of plant oils and natural waxes.

Ceteareth 20: an emulsifier for oil-in-water creams and lotions.

Glyceryl Monostearate S/E: widely used in cosmetics. It is an emulsifying and solubilising ingredient, dispersing agent, emollient, formula stabiliser, and surface-action ingredient.

Gluconolactone: used in cosmetics for its anti-acne properties. It can also help improve skin hydration given its water-binding ability.

Sodium Benzoate: a non-toxic, organic salt preservative that is particularly effective against yeast, with some activity against moulds and bacteria.

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil: an emollient with soothing properties.

Hydroxyethylcellulose: a thickener, protective colloid, binder, stabiliser, and suspending agent.

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil: commonly used as a carrier oil, it softens and smooths the skin. It has a high linoleum acid and other essential fatty acid content.

Phenoxyethanol: a broad-range preservative with fungicidal, bacterial, insecticidal, and germicidal properties. It has a relatively low sensitising factor in leave-on cosmetics.

Tocopheryl Acetate: (vitamin E) an antioxidant that helps prevent unsaturated oils and sebum from becoming rancid.

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil: a moisturiser and emollient. Reduces transepidermal water loss without completely blocking the transportation of water vapour and gases, providing the skin with suppleness and softness.

Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil: has excellent penetration and sun-screening properties.

Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract: has clinically proven anti-inflammatory and repairer properties. It is also considered bactericidal, anti-itching, soothing, antiseptic, purifying, refreshing, and hypoallergenic with the ability to neutralise skin irritants.

The Youth Shield Collection

Éminence Organic Skin Care's Youth Shield Collection at Slow Beauty Eco Salon Canberra ACT
Protect against the early signs of ageing with Youth Shield

Protect against the early signs of ageing

Take preventative action before the early signs of ageing begin with the Youth Shield Collection from Éminence Organic Skin Care. The collection contains a powerful antioxidant complex, naturally derived from red currant, elderflower and magnolia bark, which is formulated to balance and protect skin while it fights free radicals – the leading cause of fine lines and wrinkles. The products in this collection are designed to nourish and balance while they protect. They are clinically proven to hydrate while improving skin elasticity and enhancing skin vitality. Prevent the signs of ageing before they begin.

What is it?

A 5-piece prevention collection for maintaining your skin’s youthful appearance.

Who is it for?

Those in their 20’s to late 30’s who are concerned about ageing and have normal/ combination skin.


The 20’s:  In our mid 20’s our skin’s ability to retain water starts to decrease. We have some sun damage and still a few breakouts.

The 30’s: In addition to the process described above, our skin starts to produce less collagen.

How does it help?

Youth Shield is formulated to balance and protect the skin while it fights free radicals. This antioxidant-rich collection helps minimise inflammation, repair sun damage, and moisturise while keeping breakouts at bay.

Éminence Organic Skin Care Youth Shield Collection at Slow Beauty Eco Salon Canberra ACT
Éminence Organic Skin Care Youth Shield Collection

Protect against the early signs of ageing with the Youth Shield Antioxidant Complex

Your skin thrives on hydration, nutrients and nourishment. How we treat it today greatly impacts its health and radiance tomorrow. It’s important to protect and maintain our skin before the signs of ageing take hold. A good skin care regime – one that restores and repairs while protecting skin from damage caused by poor diet, sun exposure, smoking or pollution – can help maintain that youthful glow for many years to come. That’s why the Youth Shield Collection was created. Using a powerful, natural antioxidant complex, Youth Shield protects the cells from free radicals while also balancing normal-to-combination skin types. The Youth Shield Antioxidant Complex minimises inflammation, repairs sun damage and promotes overall health of your skin for a smooth, glowing complexion. Naturally derived from red currant, elderflower and magnolia bark, it is proven to:

  • Improve skin elasticity by 10%
  • Enhance skin vitality by 11%
  • Increase skin hydration by 36%

Youth Shield Collection

  • Red Currant Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Red Currant Protective Moisturiser with sunscreens
  • Red Currant Balancing Concentrate
  • Red Currant Rapid Infusion Masque
  • Red Currant Mattifying Mist

Ingredient Spotlight

The Youth Shield Antioxidant Complex in this collection is infused with the following active ingredients:

Red Currant

An excellent source of Vitamin C, this fruit protects from and repairs UV damage as well as strengthens the skin’s barrier response. It’s also rich in anthocyanin – a power bioflavonoid that promotes circulation and boosts the flow of oxygen, giving you a healthy and radiant glow.


The polyphenols in this flower gives it a high antioxidant content that destroys free radicals and stops them from regenerating. This means it acts as an anti-inflammatory, minimising the signs of ageing while it also protects your delicate skin cell membranes.

Magnolia Bark

Magnolia bark contains two ingredients that work together to inhibit the inflammation caused by free radicals attacking healthy cells. These ingredients – magnolia and honokiol – soothe the skin while slowing down the ageing process that leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Microencapsulated Tea Tree Oil

This sustained release tea tree oil helps prevent breakouts and at the same time provides a nice cooling sensation. This ingredient can be found in both the Red Currant Balancing Concentrate as well as the Red Currant Protective Moisturiser with sunscreens.

The Éminence Organic Skin Care Youth Shield Collection is available at Slow Beauty Eco Salon, an environmentally responsible provider of premium skin care. To experience the Youth Shield Collection, schedule your Signature Customised Organic Facial today!

What are Peels and Peptides?



Natural peels are boasting amazing results and a completely transformed complexion. The Arctic Berry Illuminating Collection includes a 3-step treatment with a results-oriented natural peel that will lead you to absolute radiance.

Portrait of a young girl enjoying a healthy skin treatment.
The Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System can also be used on sensitive skin types!

Those with sensitive skin may be more inclined to stay away from peeling treatments. The good news is that unlike most peels, the Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating Systemcan also be used on sensitive skin types! Éminence has sourced innovative, natural active ingredients to help you achieve the same results as a synthetic chemical peel while eliminating any fear associated with this type of treatment. The synergistic blend of naturally-derived acids in the activator (step 2) are beneficial for reducing hyper pigmentation and inflammation, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. All acids are sourced from natural elements such as the hibiscus flower, grains, bitter almond and sugar, offering you the natural approach to a peel.


Peptides “teach” our skin to perform a certain way

Often referred to as the “anti-aging” powerhouse, peptides are an exciting and revolutionary skin care ingredient! By penetrating the top layer of the skin, peptides are able to send signals to our cells to let them know how to function in the most optimal way. Peptides “teach” our skin to perform a certain way, leaving us with many possibilities to change the appearance of the skin. The Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream targets the collagen protein, which gives skin strength, elasticity and suppleness. Collagen loss is one of the major causes of aging skin.

The Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream uses a botanically-sourced oligopeptide from hibiscus seed which relaxes the facial muscles, causing a botox-like effect and is clinically proven to:

  • Improve the appearance of fine lines by 40%
  • Increase collagen production by 30%
  • Decrease wrinkle depth by 26%

This peptide directly infiltrates the skin to counter the loss of collagen, repair skin fibre structure, restores skin elasticity and promote cell metabolism – as a result the skin will be softer and wrinkles will be less visible. The exclusive Peptide Illuminating Complex unleashes the true power of peptides, specially formulated with supporting ingredients for maximum results and dramatically younger-looking skin. This proprietary blend of botanically-derived peptides, along with yellow plum extract and gardenia stem cells increases the effect of the collagen-stimulation peptide for an all-powerful peptide infusion.

Cloudberry is related to the raspberry