Unlocking the Power of Vitamin C

What we put onto our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies. Eating Superfoods has tremendous health benefits and now, Eminence Organic Skincare brings you superfoods for your skin in the Potent C+E Collection. Building upon our holistic approach to skincare we encourage you to nourish your skin as you would your body.

Since our bodies cannot produce Vitamin C naturally, we need to provide this essential vitamin from external sources. Incorporating Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables into our diets is integral to our health. Vitamin C has many benefits and is used to improve immune function, increase iron absorption, prevent disease and can also play a role in healing wounds. These days we are all aware of the importance of getting Vitamin C from our diets, but we shouldn’t overlook its incredible power as a topical skincare treatment.

Despite its vast potential, harnessing the true power of Vitamin C as a skincare ingredient has been a challenge due to its oxidative nature. Unless protected in some way, Vitamin C rapidly degrades and loses its antioxidant benefit once exposed to oxygen. after extensive efforts, Eminence has formulated a Potent C+E Collection with breakthrough botanical technology that retains the effectiveness of Vitamin C for the best possible results over time.

In the Potent C+E Collection, the activity of the 16%* naturally fortified Vitamin C is preserved by the combination of additional antioxidants. Specifically, supporting ingredients that are high in bioflavonoids such as kale, spinach and broccoli sprouts work with botanical ferulic acid to protect the potency of Vitamin C as well as adding further antioxidant benefits. We have also added a unique form of Vitamin C called sodium sociably phosphate which has stable molecules and gives you all the benefits of Vitamin C in its most potent form for more effective absorption into the skin.

47% reduction in free radical damage in just 3 hours!**

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens skin and lightens dark spots
  • Clarifies and evens complexion
  • Prevents inflammation to visibly calm skin

Feed your skin with the powerhouse combination of Vitamins C+E for unmatched antioxidant protection. Vitamin E supports Vitamin C by offering additional antioxidant properties as well as healing and repairing abilities that will result in an even skin tone. Prevent damage from free radicals, boost your collagen production, reduce inflammation and the appearance of acne with the preventative and corrective forces of this collection.

Botanical C+E Innovation
Antioxidant Super Food for the Skin

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*percentage may vary slightly due to natural sources

**as evaluated by the reduction in UV induced ROS in human ex vivo skin after 3 hours application