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Created, formulated and manufactured by Alexandria Professional as part of our Full Circle of Skin Conditioning program, Phenonen-all has proven to be an irreplaceable product. Phenomena-all helps to get rid of ingrown hair and to prevent them from coming back.  If someone suffers from infected bikini ingrown hair, all they need to do is follow our Skin Conditioning program and apply Phenomen-all


Phenomen-all Skin Repair formulated to repair, refresh and rejuvenate skin.

#1 Seller every day for treating ingrown hair and skin issues.

100% non-irritating & gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin by men, women, and children.

Replenishes moisture, calms irritation, & softens skin cells to help relieve ingrown hairs.

Cuticle treatment & helps to smooth out stretch marks & scars.



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