Natural Skincare Treatments in Canberra

Why Natural Skincare?

It is important to choose natural skin care products and treatments because your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs whatever you put on it, so what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins through pollution, our stressful lives and the conveniences we choose, such as processed foods and alcohol. This is known as our toxic-load and can impact the function of our liver and the overall detoxification processes of our bodies. To lessen this toxic load, it is important to use products which have been formulated with your health in mind, which is why I recommend and use Alexandria Professional.

The Sweet’n Plump Facial

The Sweet ‘n Plump Facial is a double-action collagen booster that harnesses the natural healing powers of sugar and mud. Bursting with all-natural, anti-inflammatory, and de-stressing minerals this treatment is ideal for preserving youthful skin and delaying signs of ageing! Alexandria Professional skincare products are made from simple natural ingredients, safe for the entire family.

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Several award-winning products such as KiSS Adjuster, Sweet Cheeks™, Mud Puddle®, and Dermawear™ Duo with Ayurvedic motions create a unique and luxuriously sweet plumping facial experience.

How it works

It all starts with sugar! We use it in the cleanser, exfoliation, and plumping. The natural glycolic (AHA) derivatives found in sugar accelerate the skin’s cell renewal process by breaking down the glue-like bonds holding the dead skin cells together. The result is natural cell regeneration creating glowing skin.

Sugar is widely known for its humectant properties which means this facial is not only sweet and plumping but also super hydrating! A key component of youthful, supple-looking skin.

The final layer of this treatment is our therapeutic Hungarian Wellness Mud®. Melting over the KiSS Adjuster sugar, this mud promotes detoxification and calms inflammation like acne. Mud Puddle’s high concentration of Silicon Dioxide works to strengthen and firm tissue, maintaining the skin’s elasticity.

Alexandria Professional’s Sweet ‘n Plump facial treatment will hydrate, renew, rejuvenate, and detoxify all skin types.

60 minutes $101

Purifying & Hydrating Back Treatment

The hard-to-reach back area needs attention too! This back treatment includes steam, exfoliation, detoxifying mask, hot towels and moisturiser.

60 minutes $101

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