Why sugaring and not waxing?

Wax is made from resins and adheres to live skin cells, hair and any surface it touches. Removal causes unnecessary pain.

Sugar paste does not adhere to live skin cells, so it cannot lift the skin as wax does. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells when removed, leaving behind silky smooth skin. Sugar paste is water-soluble and easily removed from any surface.

Wax is applied in the natural direction of growth and removed in the opposite direction, causing unnecessary discomfort. Sugaring extracts hair in its natural direction of hair growth. The sugar paste seeps into the hair follicle, helping lubricate the hair root for ease of removal.

Sugaring is performed at body temperature, so it cannot burn like wax can. The paste adheres to the hair, not the skin, and lubricates the root for easier extraction from the follicle. Combined with hair removal in the natural direction of growth, sugaring delivers a much more comfortable experience for everyone.


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