Eyebrow Wax and Lash Lifting Canberra

Lash & Brow Assessment Consultation $30 (redeemable against service)

A consultation is required prior to all Lash and Brow services and must be scheduled 24 – 48 hours before your Lash and Brow reservation to ensure there are no allergies or irritations to any of the products used. If you are unable to attend a consultation, an indemnity waiver must be signed before the service can be completed.

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Luxe Brow Experience $100

A brow experience that restores and transforms your brows while providing invaluable education with a bit of luxury. Book this service if you are a new client or if you have not had brow maintenance for 12+ weeks. Includes consultation, brow wax, brow tint, age corrective eye serum, precision trimming and tweezing, and Zuii Organic brow makeup application or ultra-lifting massage, finishing with a hot towel infused with organic essential oils.

Wax and Tint Maintenance $85

This service includes brow wax, tweeze, tint, precision trimming and Zuii Organic brow makeup application or ultra-lifting massage finishing with a hot towel infused with organic essential oils.

Brow Wax Maintenance $60

For clients who schedule every 4-8 weeks. This service includes brow wax and tweeze, precision trimming, and Zuii Organic brow makeup application or ultra-lifting massage, finishing with a hot towel infused with organic essential oils.

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Lash Lift $130

Lash Lifting opens the eyes, giving the appearance of longer, thicker, darker lashes. Offering far less maintenance than eyelash extensions, it utilises a chemical process to break down the disulphide bonds of the hair and redirect the lash into a new lifted style. Lash Lifting is safe, hygienic and convenient, delivering perfect lashes every time. It lasts for six weeks or more, even after showering or swimming.

Includes an anti-wrinkle eye treatment to reduce fine lines and hydrate the eye area, as well as a luxurious lash mask to restore lash health with amino acids, essential fatty acids, flower extracts, bark extracts, root extracts and fruit extracts for optimal lash health. Vegan and not tested on animals. Includes Eyelash Tint.

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Brow Henna $20

Henna provides a similar outcome to tint but unlike regular tint, henna will last longer. It penetrates deeper within the skin in order to give you a longer-lasting colour, this allows nutrients to reach the hair shaft to help grow in your natural brows. Henna will last up to 12 days on the skin (dependent on skin type) and up to 4-6 weeks on the hair. 

Eyelash Tint $34

Banish the boring and achieve the look of wearing mascara without having to apply makeup daily. By emphasising your eyes and lashes, you can have the eyelashes you want. Eyelash tinting will make your lashes appear longer, darker, fuller, and beautiful without having the bother of applying and removing mascara each day. Wake each morning with picture-perfect eyelashes.

Sugar $7

Have your brows tamed with sugar, rather than wax. Sugaring is superior to waxing, as it is much gentler on the skin, and because it removes hair in the natural direction of growth. Sugar is applied at body temperature, so there is no risk of burning the skin. The sugar itself is hydrophobic, meaning it cannot adhere to live skin cells, so there is no risk of the skin lifting.

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