Choose a greener future with Slow Beauty Eco Salon

This week Slow Beauty Eco Salon became a signatory to the Green Spa Network’s Pledge For A Greener Future. 

The Pledge

As a member of GSN and the spa and wellness community, we are committed to promoting the vital connections between personal well-being, economic sustainability and the health of our planet.  We recognize that consciously and continuously managing our environmental and social relationships is key to our success.

We understand that greening principles, products and technologies are continually evolving.  We intend to respond to these developments and apply “best practices” that have a positive impact for our employees, customers and our local and global community.

Our goals are to:
– Provide and promote products, services and business practices that do not harm people, planet or prosperity.
– Engage in and inspire actions that result in a positive impact for personal and planetary vitality.
– Share our efforts with our local and global communities to raise their awareness of the connections between personal and planetary vitality.

To accomplish this, we will:
– Apply conservation practices to our use of water, energy and other resources.
– Adopt responsible reuse, recycling, and waste management and disposal practices.
– Reduce the use and promotion of products that contain hazardous substances.
– Source materials and supplies from companies that conduct their operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
– Make these objectives an integral part of our business planning and decision making
– Commit to continual improvement and revision based on evolving sustainable values and practices and our ability to implement better solutions.

Why Slow Beauty?

I imagine you’re familiar with the Slow Food Movement? It’s a concept that is permeating not just the food culture of today, but through our furniture, our clothing and our beauty industry as well. Today’s world is vastly different to the world in which we grew up. Change is constant and rapid, we are in a perpetual state of distraction, and in a society which encourages us to be switched on 24/7, where we are not only connected to our smart devices, to social media and to each other, the slow movement is here to remind us that there is more to life than the high of our next notification.
Slow Beauty is here to encourage you to “switch off”, to slow down, to stop and be mindfully in the present, and to enjoy every juicy second of it.

What is Slow Beauty?

Slow beauty is conscious choices culminating in better health and wellbeing, it’s rituals and renewal, it’s small movements towards balance, it’s a culmination of mind, body and spirit. Slow Beauty is self care.

In contrast to the fast-moving world of the beauty industry which sells us quick fixes and immediate results (along with invasive treatment options), we are also encouraged to fight against ageing. This breeds an inherent dissatisfaction with the natural ageing process and creates an enemy of our own body. Slow beauty encourages us to be the best version of ourselves, to be graceful, kind, thoughtful and generous, and to achieve this by first being all of those things with ourselves.


Dear Valued Client,

To ensure the health and well-being of my valued clients, myself,  and the wider community, I remain committed to providing safe and accessible beauty therapy while preventing the spread of COVID-19 within the Canberra community.

COVID-19 precautions are still in place and I kindly ask that you adhere to all additional health measures whilst in the studio. If you develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, please call to postpone your appointment, and self-isolate until you recover.

I thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to your visit.

Kind regards,

Natalie McBurney