Allergies are nothing to sneeze at

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It’s no coincidence that with the introduction of modern agriculture came allergies. Not only are many people allergic to the synthetic chemicals used in farming today, but many believe that these are the root to the shocking number of food aversions found in western society. Today nearly 8% of North American children suffer unpleasant reactions when exposed to certain foods ranging from hives and eczema to serious illness – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Allergies are a hypersensitive reaction in a person to an exposure that does not affect most people. While some might be born with a genetic predisposition to specific allergies, most will develop them in childhood after exposure to certain irritants.

When it comes to food items, there are a number that consistently become toxic to allergy sufferers, and Mátyás, the organic farmer behind the Éminence farms and other experts around the world, believe that pesticides are the reason why. Studies have shown that applying pesticides to plants forces them to produce enzymes and antibodies to survive. These antibodies are produced in abundance to fight the toxins found in chemicals, and are then absorbed by your body when you eat the produce or apply it to your skin, causing a physical reaction. Some people develop a reaction after being exposed to a certain pesticide, a process known as sensitisation, which can result in side effects that can include asthma, or skin, eye and nose irritation. Quite often what one might think is an allergy to a specific fruit is actually a reaction to the pesticide sprayed on the skin or rind. They can also exacerbate already existing allergies, causing an increase in the severity of the reaction.

By choosing organic food and skin care, we avoid the interference of these hazardous pesticides. Additionally, ingredients grown in their natural state offer more nutrients, vitamins and health benefits than their sprayed counterparts. If people knew then what they know now about second hand smoke, would they have smoked around their children? By choosing organics, we choose health – and isn’t that what matters most?

Article taken from Éminence News Volume 3.










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