Bespoke Holistic Skin Health Journeys

Bespoke Holistic Skin Health Journeys begin with Expert Skin Consultation. 

Expert Skin Consultation $145

Virtual Consultation via Zoom or Skype $110

Great skin is an investment and requires excellent ingredients to be used regularly alongside specific treatments to restore balance. 

A thorough skin consultation is necessary to build a treatment program and address your skin concerns from your very first treatment. This is an opportunity for you to meet with a Skin Expert to learn why you’re experiencing your particular skin concern(s) and then plan a journey together for restoring skin health and vitality that aligns with your personal lifestyle and budget.

A Skin Consultation Form will be sent electronically to you upon booking. It is imperative that this form be completed with as much detail as possible and returned prior to your appointment. This form covers your concerns, biological inheritance, lifestyle, current skincare, sensory preferences, medical history, and contraindications. It will take at least 15 minutes to complete.

We will then analyse your skin to determine your skin type and any skin conditions. The use of sophisticated advanced technology diagnostic tools offers scientific guidance to show us what is happening in and under the skin. We will finish with a review of your current skincare regime (so you’ll need to bring it along on the day or make sure it’s nearby if you’re having a virtual consultation). 

Your Aesthetician will design a customised treatment plan and make home care recommendations to ensure you reach your skincare goals. You will be sent your Skin Analysis electronically within 7 days of your appointment, following which time you are free to schedule your facials at your convenience.

Receive FREE SHIPPING when you purchase at least 3 prescribed skin care products following your consultation.

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