Leg Sugaring

Leg Sugaring Packages

We make it easy for you to have silky, smooth legs, giving you three months of hair-free pins, so you never have to worry about shaving, or if you’re due for a wax before you show off your legs this summer!

What’s included:

  • Everything you need to eliminate and prevent ingrown hair problems and prepare your skin for sugaring. You will be Loving Your Skin every day!
  • Weekly in-salon spa body treatments.
  • Sugaring – either Full Legs or Half Legs, every 3 weeks.

This package has been designed to get you the absolute best results from your sugaring treatments. Not only will we completely rejuvenate your skin, but we’ll also work towards permanently reducing your regrowth!

Each and every sugaring treatment will refine and diminish your hair growth, leading to a permanent reduction over time.


  • Receive a 5% discount off Alexandria Professional Products
  • Receive a 10% discount on any other sugaring services

How much is it?

Full Legs:  – $1599

From the crease of the leg in the hip area down to the ankles.

Half Legs – $1259*

Upper Leg: The crease of the leg in the hip area down to and including the knee.
Lower Leg: Ankle up to and including the knee.

Add Tops of Feet & Toes for $69.

Please ask about our Ingrown Hair Package if you suffer from chronic ingrown hair.

Call 6156 4746 to purchase your package and start your journey to glowing, hair-free skin today!

Learn more about Body Sugaring.

* Purchase a second Half Legs package to follow on immediately from the first and receive a $399 discount.

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